The green Kit

C$ 55.00

  • 5 Reusable Cotton - Handmade in Toronto (100% cotton)

  • 2 Organic Beeswax Food Wraps (Medium) - Handmade in Toronto by Etee

  • 1 Bamboo Toothbrush - Recommended by Dr Alida Andersen (Toronto)

  • 1 Recycled and plantable Eco-pen Basil - by EcoP (Startup in Ontario)

  • 1 Natural Laundry powder in a Mason jar (15/20 loads)

  • 1 Natural & Organic Deodorant in a Mason jar (75ml)

  • 1 Natural & Organic Hair Mask - 5 min DIY with glass jars










Laundry detergent





Our products in details

Organic & reusable Beeswax Food

Handmade in Toronto by Etee

Wrap them around produces and replace plastic wrap. The wrap sticks itself and provides a clean and protective seal. After use, simply rinse in cold water (hot water will reduce the wax coating) and wash with an eco-friendly soap. Medium size.

Compostable* Bamboo Toothbrush

Recommended by Dr. Alida Andersen (Toronto)

The box is made of compostable kraft paper and the inner sleeve is made from compostable non-woven fabric which is a new generation of environmentally-friendly materials. *Unfortunately, the bristles are not biodegradable and must be removed prior to disposal.

Handmade Reusable Facial Cottons double face 

Made in Toronto by Maite Lavila

Rinse with warm water after use. Hand-wash regularly with gentle soap and cold water.

Natural & Organic Hair Mask

Handmade in Toronto - packed in Mason/glass jars


Made with natural ingredients (Organic Amla powder, Castor Oil and Organic Coconut Oil). Nourishes the roots and promotes hair growth.

Natural Laundry powder 

Handmade in Toronto - packed in a Mason jar (Capacity: 15-20 loads)

Made with Natural ingredients (Borax, Ash soda, and shaved natural soap) 

Can be used with HE washing machine & dissolves in cold water.

Natural & Organic Deodorant

Handmade in Toronto - packed in a Mason jar

Made with natural & organic ingredients (Organic Coconut Oil, Cornstarch, Baking soda). Contains the equivalent of 4 months of daily use.

Recycled and plantable Eco-pen Basil

EcoP - Startup based in Ontario

The pen is made of recycled paper. The bottom of the pen contains basil seeds that you can plant!