Our Story

We are Claire & Sophie, aspiring eco-friendly and health-driven consumers like you.

We met at a networking event in Toronto and connected over our mutual interest in sustainable living. Claire was designing an app to assist with sustainable practices, while Sophie was working on building an e-commerce website that sources green products.


Let's be honest, we all face common challenges when it comes to green living:

  • Misinformation or too much information

  • Greenwashing

  • Lack of knowledge

Determined to find a way around it, we decided to join forces and came up with an easy solution: the Green Kit! A selection of daily products meant to make your life more sustainable without changing your routine.

This is just the beginning. We aim to continue sourcing products for you that align with our common values and mission. Making a positive change together has never been so easy and powerful!


"After my breast cancer diagnosis, I got even more curious about the environment, climate change, pollution and the impact they have on our health. I decided to put my time and energy on my health, entourage and our planet. I am glad I met Claire along the way on my Eco-alternative quest to bring this journey to a broader scale.”


"Following a career in legal, I recently pursued my desire for more creativity in my work. Today, as a UX Designer, I am expanding my UX Diploma project to truly make sustainable practices accessible. It should be easy and guilt-free for anyone to start. Health and environmental concerns matter in everyday life, every step count" Claire